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The “Movie Kiss” – Or How To Influence People Without Even Trying

Posted September 11, 2012 by jim young in Lifestyle
The Movie Kiss

– by jim young

“You must remember this; a kiss is just a kiss…” Herman Hupfeld

Except that it’s not.

A kiss is so much more than just a kiss.

Except maybe during sex.

And even then – it can still be more than just a kiss.

A kiss can represent unbridled passion or undying love.

A kiss has unlimited healing powers that is equalled only by the Band-Aid. Like the Band-Aid, a kiss will almost certainly diminish pain and stop a flow of tears when applied to a young child’s boo-boo.

A kiss on the cheek signifies a common ground somewhere between the friendship of a handshake and the intimacy of a lover.

But the most underrated kiss is the persuasiveness of the “movie kiss”; in particular the “movie kiss” in which the hero grabs the head of the girl who is angry with him for whatever reason and forces her to kiss him.

Except in the few instances where the girl pulls away and slaps him in the face, the “movie kiss” is almost certain to bring about a common understanding between the two former protagonists.

And wham, bam, thank you ma’am – it’s problem solved.

What could be simpler?

So why don’t we try this approach in real life?

The next time you find yourself at an impasse with someone – anyone – just grab them by the head, lean in and plant a big wet one right on their lips.

It is almost certain they will see things your way.

Sure there may be a fine line between the “movie kiss” and “sexual assault”, but when the intent of the kiss is explained in court I’m certain the judge would see the difference.

If not – kiss the judge.

And even if it doesn’t work – you have to agree that kissing is much more fun than arguing.

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