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The Need For Legalised Prostitution

Posted March 15, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle
The Need For Legalized Prostitution

– by jim young

I can’t imagine myself paying $4,000 to spend a night with a prostitute. Well – I guess I can imagine it, (and sometimes do) but I just can’t see it happening. That is not to say that I am necessarily morally above it – I just wouldn’t spend that much money.

I could see myself spending up to $100 or maybe even up to $200. But that’s about it. Hey, I’m Scottish. And when I take a look at the pictures of “Kristen” aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre that was supposedly worth over $4,000 to New York Governor Spitzer – I shudder to think what prospects my meagre offerings would get me.

First of all let me say I don’t know anything about Spitzer the man, Spitzer the Governor or Spitzer the politician. This article is not about Spitzer or his alleged hypocrisy.

This is about the hypocrisy of a law that makes prostitution illegal.

Prostitution as we all know has often been recognised as the world’s oldest profession. Though millions of dollars have been spent on the prohibition of prostitution, no culture throughout the history of time has ever managed to successfully abolish it.

Prostitution in its simplest form is a victimless crime. When I say “prostitution in its simplest form” I am referring to the exchange of money (or goods) in return for sexual favours between 2 consenting adults.

Legislation that unsuccessfully prohibits prostitution has achieved nothing more than to victimise prostitutes, putting prostitution in the hands of the criminal element.

Illegal prostitution has helped to make pimps, gangs and mobs richer and stronger. It has also victimised women, men AND children who have been kidnapped, drugged, raped, beaten and coerced into a lifestyle from which they are unable to escape.

I am not a big supporter of government controlled business but I think legalised prostitution run by a government agency that would tax prostitution would be a benefit to society as a whole.

Control would be taken away from the criminal element and the tax dollars received could be spent on programs for prostitutes to ensure they are protected from violence, are of legal age, and required to submit to regular health check-ups to ensure they remain disease and drug free.

A portion of the tax dollars received should also be used to educate prostitutes and provide them with means to choose new careers if they so desired.

Scandals such as the Spitzer case titillate our voyeuristic tendencies especially when a married man is involved. But married men are not the only ones who seek out prostitutes. So do single men. And married and single women for that matter.

Too often we get on our high horse and make a public outcry about married men who seek out prostitutes when this is really a personal matter between the husband and wife. As Prime Minster Trudeau once said, “the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”.

And when that trust between husband and wife is broken it’s a matter for the parties involved to resolve between themselves.

But I’ll tell you this. I know there are women who either consent to or don’t object to their husband’s infidelities. Many women prefer to look the other way. And I’m certain these same women would rather their husband’s seek out a government inspected prostitute; reassured there would be no embarrassment created from a criminal or public scandal.  And most importantly there would be less chance of their husband’s bringing home a disease than there may be if he picked up a young skank in a local bar while on a business trip.

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