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The One Percent Exercise Solution

Posted October 20, 2012 by Carter in Lifestyle

– Carter Stack

Is this you ….
… You don’t want to exercise but you don’t want to be out of shape?

I will qualify this question because most of you just put up your hand and I’m not really talking to most of you. For example: If you don’t like exercising but you do jog for over twenty minutes three times a week – I’m not talking to you. If you workout in the gym three times a week and you feel you should be working out five times a week, put your hand down. Under forty and have a job where you are physically active? Move on.

They say that older hospital patients lose 5% of their muscle mass and bone density for every day spent in a hospital bed*. From what I’ve seen, many people don’t move any more at home than they would if they were confined to a hospital bed. I don’t see much difference between being in a hospital bed with a rented TV than sitting on a couch at home with a financed TV. No, that’s not right. In the hospital you would be eating Jello and boiled chicken. At home you would have lasagna, cookie dough ice cream and a family size bag of potato chips washed down with with a liter bottle of Coke. (see Grumpy Diet). Now you’ve got me distracted and talking about food.

Exercise. The problem is the concept that it requires a specific technique or equipment. “I just signed-up for aerobics, a gym membership or jazzercize.” The active verb being “sign-up” not participate. This is a fail.

“I just bought $250 cross-trainers, an ab-flex machine and a thigh master.” Fail.

I don’t think of it as exercise, I just move. I move more than I usually would in any day. One percent more is a good start. I try to move until I sweat a bit, but I move. When I don’t know what to do I go for a brisk walk while I think about what I would to do.

I like the math – 1% more movement vs 5% less healthy.

* 5% times 20 equals 100%. Therefore, theoretically, after three weeks you have nothing left. This is obviously inaccurate but someday I will tell you about my friend Rutherford. I saw him run once in 1975. Other than that you need time lapse photography to see him move, like watching a flower open or clouds move.



    1) Even with all your disqualifiers – I still have my hand up.

    2) I have a TV in my exercise room with a very expensive stationery bike (with a cool beer holder) and another piece of equipment that I’m not sure how to use. The idea was to encourage me to exercise while watching TV. But there’s no cable in that room and they quit broadcasting TV to rabbit ears. (I just assume the TV and exercise equipment are still there. I don’t know for sure.)

    3) The last time I broke a sweat was when I put our air conditioner in last spring. That sucker’s heavy!

    4) Truthfully – Am I “Rutherford” of whom you speak?

    5) Can we get back to talking about food?


    Dear Rutherford:
    1) For God’s sake put your hand down. You are the proverbial exception to the rule.
    2) Didn’t Ramona put the exercise bike outside and turn it into a planter?
    3)Breaking into a sweat, holding a cold beer, while your cousins install your air conditioner does not qualify.
    4) Is the Pope John, Paul,George or Ringo?
    5) I say that we start a food appraisal column about the restaurants in Cuba. I didn’t want to call it a food critics’s column, everyone is a critic, it takes talent to find something good to say about most Cuban resort food. I say we are up to the challenge.
    Folks: Follow Dog On A Root for the new feature/column.

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