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There’s A Storm A-Brewin’

Posted September 8, 2008 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

“My failure will not mean that victory was not possible. There were many failures in the attempts to climb Mt. Everest and it was finally conquered.”
           – Che Guevara

When Cuba offered to send over 1,500 doctors to the U.S. to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the U.S. Government declined their offer saying that Cuban help was not needed.

I think we know now that the help probably was, in fact needed.

And why would you turn down an offer of help like that anyway? I wonder how the victims of Katrina who had to wait for medical treatment felt about that?

More recently Cuba has refused help from the U.S. in the wake of Tropical Storm Gustav.

The U.S. offered to send in a “disaster assessment team”.

A Disaster Assessment Team? What the fuck is that?

That’s like telling a drowning man you’re willing to take a look at the hole in his boat!

Cuba has the best disaster preparedness program in the region. What that means is, if you’re going to be in a hurricane, you would be safer in Cuba than you would in Louisiana, Texas or Florida!

What would Cuba need a Disaster Assessment Team for anyway? If you want Disaster Assessment after a hurricane just look out the fucking window!

Instead, Cuba asked for the U.S. to lift the economic embargo preventing Cuba from BUYING much needed food and supplies. Cuba’s not asking for a handout. Just permission to BUY what they need.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice suggested that the U.S. might be responsive to Cuba’s request if the Cuban government freed political prisoners and had a process in place for free and fair elections.

When Cuba offered their physicians to help in the aftermath of Katrina, did they place a condition on their offer that the Cuban Five be released from U.S. prisons? Or other political prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay be released?

Did Cuba insist the U.S. Democratic System be replaced with Communism before the doctors would be sent in?

Expecting Cuba to put a process in place for a free and fair election overnight in exchange for aid would be like demanding a drowning man to quit smoking before you throw him a life jacket.

Why can’t the U.S. accept that, like it or not, good or bad, right or wrong, one of their closest neighbours is a communist country and it’s not likely to change in the near future. Should the people of Cuba that are victims of recent hurricanes be held hostage for the alleged evils of their leaders and the difference of opinions of their neighbouring countries?

The U.S. deals with Communist Countries much worse than Cuba.

There’s a storm a-brewin’ and it’s more about politics than it is about hurricanes.

Kennedy’s dead, Che’s dead and Castro isn’t long for this world. Isn’t it time to bury the hatchet?

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