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They’re Talking to Me Again.

Posted October 26, 2012 by Carter in Lifestyle

I’m not very good at just sitting around.

We were visiting the kids in Hamilton and I was getting restless staying at Kay’s house. So, I announced that, “I hear the people calling to me.” I waited for the expected odd looks and continued, “They’re talking to me but I have to go them to hear more clearly.”

I guess, “I’m going for a drive.” would have been more to the point but I love to leave them wondering.

Kay, being the nurse, and not being too sure about me anyway was asking. “What exactly are they telling you to do?”

I left saying, “They are calling to me. I will have to find the people first. I don’t know who they are or where they are but I will recognize them when I see them.”

So, I drove downtown to see the core of Hamilton. I hadn’t been there since 1971 when I went to McMaster University and much of that was now a blur.

I parked the car a block away from the downtown core and started walking.

The people started talking to me.

Nobody had to say a thing.

I passed a homeless guy who was walking like he was on a mission. He was wearing dirty old pants and shoes but his t-shirt looked like it was fresh out of the wrapper. The new black shirt showed a newspaper with bold letters declaring:

“News Flash – I DON’T CARE.”

Don't Care

This seemed so unlikely.

This guy must have just put this on for me to read.

Why was it so important for him to share this message?

It turns out that it was the beginning of a theme.

I started to think about what “t-shirt messages” people were wearing, even if I could not see them.

As I walked I looked at people and read the unwritten messages that they projected:

Guy in suit

I’m too busy to care.


A middle aged guy in a suit was rushing down sidewalk with brief case.

News Flash
“I’m too busy to care.”




Stoned Kid

I don’t even care about myself.



A young person high on crack sitting on the sidewalk.

News Flash
“I don’t even care about myself”


Young waitress

This is my second job and I am only doing this because I have to care for my son.


– A young woman standing on the sidewalk in a waitress uniform outside a coffee shop.

News Flash
“This is my second job and I am only doing this because I have to care for my son.”


Needing Care

I wish someone would take care of me.





An old man and woman using walkers going in aimless circles on the sidewalk.

News Flash
“Someone should be caring for us.”



And then the buildings started talking to me.

I was drawn to a distinctive older, tall building which identified itself as the Pigott building which was raised by the Pigott Construction company in 1928. It now house many condo units and the sign in the lobby read,

Pigott Building

We take care of our own.


“No unauthorized admissions”

News Flash
“We are taking care of our own.”



Across the street was a monument of a bank with tall columns and wide steps:

Old bank

We are taking care of our stockholders.

News Flash

“We are taking care of our customers.”

(Just a little fib…
we are taking care of our                         stockholders.)”



Next door was a older rambling church. The locked doors informed me that they would open on Sunday from 8am to 9am and then from 10:30am to 12noon. I looked around the grounds and a side door told me that I could get food stamps the second Tuesday of the month at 11:00am:


We can’t take care of all of you.



News Flash
“We can’t take care of all of you”





So, Where IS the care?

to be continued…

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    Brilliant – looking forward to Part II.

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