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This Was YOUR Idea?

Posted March 10, 2011 by jim young in Business

– jim young

In all the 40 years that I’ve owned a dozen or so vehicles, I’ve only had one that ever had to be recalled. And that was just to correct a minor defect.

You hear about automakers recalling specific models from time to time but I bet if you compared the number of recalls processed compared to the number of automobiles sold, you’d find it’s a pretty small percentage.

When a recall has been issued, automakers recall them all. That includes vehicles that have been sold as well as vehicles that are waiting to be sold on sales lots and in warehouses.

It’s different with computer software and operating systems. They don’t actually recall these programs when the programmers realize there’s a flaw in them – they update them (which is really the same thing as recalling them) to correct defects of either a minor or major nature.

But they don’t update, the unsold versions that are in stores or warehouses waiting to be shipped or sold to the public.

They wait for the consumer to purchase the defective product, install it and THEN they update it.

Many of these updates are automatic and unless it slows your computer down significantly, you may not even know that an update is taking place.

So it may surprise you to know just how many updates actually do take place on your computer.

When our IT guru recently installed Windows 7 to a new computer and connected it to the internet, he was surprised to see an automatic process begin to install 44,000 updates.

44,000 updates to Windows 7 which has been on the market for just over a year?

That’s 44,000 things the programmers didn’t think of when they developed Windows 7.

Bill Gates people, many of whom we might expect would possess an intelligence level on par with that of a rocket scientist, have had 7 attempts to develop the perfect operating system. (That’s not counting the various versions of each of Windows 7 predecessors nor the hundreds of thousands of updates each of them might have received.)

And they still didn’t get it right?

Or even close?

It’s not much wonder Microsoft is so willing to let the general public take credit for Windows 7 being their idea.

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