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Time Of The Season – Give It To Them Right!

Posted August 14, 2012 by jim young in Media

– jim young

If you did drugs in the 60s and have since heard Melanie Fiona’s song Give It To Me Right, you don’t need anyone to tell you that the music has been stolen from The Zombies’ 1968 hit Time Of The Season.

Or as Melanie Fiona would prefer, Give It To Me Right “heavily samples the 1968 hit Time Of The Season by The Zombies.

What the fuck does that even mean?

If Give It To Me Right “heavily samples” Time Of The Season then I guess The Beach Boys just “moderately sampled” Chuck Berry’s Sweet Sixteen when they wrote Surfin’ USA and George Harrison merely “borrowed from” He’s So Fine when he wrote My Sweet Lord.

Funny how the copyright lawyers didn’t see it that way. I think “plagiarised” was probably the expression most used in court.

The Rod Stewart song Forever Young was “inspired” by Bob Dylan’s Forever Young. The only real thing they have in common aside from the title is the sentiment of the song.

But don’t pretty much all rock ‘n roll songs share similar sentiments? As do Country & Western Songs? And Rap Songs? And Love Songs?

Still even Rod Stewart voluntarily shared the royalties with Bob Dylan.

So where does Melanie Fiona get off saying her song “heavily samples” Time Of The Season?

It IS the music from Time Of The Season Melanie – you just changed the lyrics.

The music from Give It To Me Right was written by Rod Argent just as the music (as well as the lyrics) to Time Of The Season were written by Rod Argent.

The Give It To Me Right credits should be clearly identified as “Lyrics by Melanie Fiona, Composed by Rod Argent”.

“Heavily Samples” is bullshit!

Melanie Fiona is certainly not fooling any fans of The Zombies who survived the 60s – and we did drugs!

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