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Posted July 6, 2009 by jim young in Politics

– anon

If I were to be asked who I am voting for in all level elections my answer would be an honest, trustworthy person, one who would not make empty promises.

A person who would not sell out Canadian resources, who would not abuse the system, who would not accept more wages than he/she has earned.

A person who would listen to his/her voters and show compassion for their needs, who would ensure Canadian citizens employment, who would make invasion of privacy in the home illegal and act on it.

A person who would demand new immigrants learn our language, respect our country and not be allowed to take away our traditions, religions and way of life.

A person who would stop blaming the general public of waste of paper, water, electricity, gasoline, oil, destroying our forests and farmland and being the cause of all the pollution.  Ninety percent of this blame belongs to greed and industry.

It has been many, many years since such a person has been voted into office.

Talk to your constituents without having to program in 15 buttons to receive a recording and prove you are that person and I can assure you you will be our leader of Canada for many years to come.


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