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Water – The Oil Of The Future

Posted August 3, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle

– by jim young

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink ;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
    – The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

From outer space the Earth looks predominantly blue.

That’s our water. Pretty isn’t it?

But over 97% cent of that water is seawater. Not so good for drinking.

And 75% of the remaining less than 3% is frozen in polar ice caps.

That leaves just over .5% of Earth’s water as drinkable. (Not counting when you pee while you’re swimming in the fresh water lakes and rivers.)

And 20% of that measly .5% can be found in Canada.

Yeah for the Great Lakes!

But before you start feeling too smug about it. You may be interested to know that the Great Lakes are at their lowest level in history.

As Canadians, statistics show that you and I use, on average 350 litres of fresh water each day.

We Canadians use more water per capita than any other nation except for the United States.

The rest of the world uses an average of only 20 to 40 litres a day.

That’s a pretty good reason for you and I, as Canadians to start thinking about ways to reduce our water usage.

And I don’t mind doing my part such as using low flow toilets, using my dishwasher and clothes washer for full loads only, watering my lawn only when necessary, taking shorter showers and many of the other recommended methods for conserving water.

Well maybe not taking shorter showers. I love my long showers. But I AM willing to share my shower with a friend or two.

But what I am NOT willing to do, is make ANY such sacrifices while I sit by and watch my government sell our water to the United States. What’s the sense in that?

Why should I be changing my lifestyle just so my neighbours to the south don’t have to change theirs?

Everything’s relative. The U.S. has been getting along fine with their water supplies all these years. As their supplies diminish, they should be encouraged to conserve and live with their resources in the same manner we are going to have to conserve to deal with what we have.

Just letting them take from Canada what is no longer excess is something that you and I as Canadians can’t afford to do.

What’s next? Selling our fresh air and oxygen?

I hear NASA has confirmed they have found water on Mars. Let the United States go there for their needs if necessary.

Wake up and smell the coffee Canada – while there’s still enough water to brew some.

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    Good spin Jim.

    You know ,for your information. MOE. has a formula for designing
    waterworks systems. It is based upon each individual needs.since I am from the old school it runs something like this .. each household requires 60 gls per perons per day. all of which is
    93 % waste water. the remainder is for human consumtuion.

    THerefore when the design calculations for a subdiision is implemented.The production wells are developed to produce the
    total consumption required ,basedd upon 4 persons per residence.
    plus 10 % for loss. Now if for indstance they municipality reuired fire protection then there is a requirement of additional storage to acommodate that need.

    Now consider that all this water is potable for human consumption, but as I stated earlier only 7 % is consumed by the habitants.So ………………………every development reuires
    wells ,pumping euipment sized to supply fire production plus service every home with good drinking water just to have 93 % used for waste.

    Just to put further spin on this water for every home for consumtion could be supplied therough a 1/2 inche line at say
    10 lbs pressure instead of a 6 inch to 20 inch force main with pressures of up to 60 and 70 lbs,….so figure the common sense in that…………

    Canada could supply everyhome with safe drinking water free.(bottled).forever for the cost it takes to construct water systems at present day standards.

    Yes ,we are the world biggest abusers of our natural resouces and governemnts will not address the situation until its to late.

    In adition to all of this, The free trade agreement with Mexico and Us, states that Canadian water are not for export nor for sale in one section. HOWEVER>>If you read that section on commodities, low and behold water seems to have crept into this section along with lumber, grain and other goods.

    When I questioned this section og our goverment, I recieved a notice that I was not interpreting the section properly. and they refused to comment further. LOne Live Canada baby.


    It’s nice to see some comments from a concerned citizen that can offer not only an opinion but a practical solution to the problem.

    How typical of the government to write up complicated policies and procedures and then accuse the general public of not interpreting them properly.

    Of course they aren’t going to comment further and provide the correct interpretation because they probably can’t figure out what the hell the government’s real position is either. Or more correctly they don’t want to admit what the government’s real position is.

    Are you sure you don’t want to run for Prime Minister? You know you would have MY vote. And I have a couple of friends we could count on too.

    But seriously, I’m sure there’s a few million other Canadians out there that would stand behind someone that cares about Canada and knows what the hell he’s talking about.


    Boy, I am reading this subject at a time when I am totally ticked off with the city of Barrie.

    In July the following (in part) notice was delivered to Big Bay Point residents.

    It states that ‘transmisson (whatever the hell that is) watermain under the City Contract 2006-2 is scheduled to commence in Sept. of 2008.

    It will involve use of heavy const. equipt. leading to vibration of the existing buildings. So they arranged for an inspection survey of each building prior to commencing the work. It will documented and kept on file in the unlikely event that damage result to a building.

    I have not yet been approached about this aspect but then I have been away all summer and it states that the inspctions will take place Thurs. July 31 and Aug. 6th. Perhaps the outside foundation was inspected – no way of telling but they sure as hell did not get inside. Even if someone had been at home they would not have been premitted to get in the house.

    So far this project has not been visible – at least not to me.

    In this letter I can not find the statement that I read somewhere that little inconvenience will be caused to the homes and businesses.

    My comment to this is B.S. We’ve been through it before.

    I must have read something in the paper about it or else there was another letter sent that I have misplaced but from what I remember is that this will be ongoing from September 2008 to sometime in 2009 and will cover a large stretch of B.B. Pt. Rd.

    What’s the big woof not to mention expense of replacing or is it upgrading the existing sewers? As far as I know no one has complained of problems with what we have.

    Being a past top dog of the Innsifil P.U.C. Sonny, perhaps you can explain this to us if there is or what the advantage of thes transmission watermains would be.

    More taxes, no doubt and to accomodate the greedy subdividers. I deeply hope it does not involve giving up more frontage of our properties.

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