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What If They Had An Election And Nobody Came?

Posted October 4, 2008 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

There’s only one thing worse than an election in process. And that’s 2 elections in process at the same time.

It’s during election time that I long for boring, mundane tv commercials demonstrating how to get blood stains out of my clothes.

We are bombarded from candidates on both sides of the border with their intrusive, insulting, mud-slinging commercials that don’t even promote the virtues of the candidate themselves.

Instead, all they do is tell me why I shouldn’t vote for the OTHER candidate.

So to all the candidates out there, I just want to say this.

“Quit insulting my intelligence.

Do you really think I am so stupid I can’t see any candidate’s flaws for myself and decide whether he or she would be the best choice in spite of those flaws?

I find it incredibly easy to decide for myself who NOT to vote for and to be honest, you’re swinging my opinion towards you.

The millions of dollars you spend in your ad campaigns would be better spent trying to convince me why I should vote for YOU instead.”

Have you ever noticed how bullies work?

Bullies don’t usually have much self-esteem. So they knock the other guy down just to make themselves look better. A bully really doesn’t think he has anything to offer.

Isn’t this type of political campaign pretty much the same thing?

Do we really want a bully to lead our country?

Besides, I already know who to vote for. My mother told me who the perfect candidate is. If you want to know who that might be, check out her posting on my Guest Columnists page.

You candidates might want to model yourselves after my mother’s choice for candidate and start trying to convince me that you are more like he.

Unfortunately since that candidate isn’t running in my riding, I will likely take my cousin Steve’s advice and just not vote at all.

When you insist on voting for the lesser of the two evils, I can guarantee you that your next leader will be “evil”.

There are those who tell me that if I don’t vote I have no right to complain about our next leader.

But I disagree.

If I help put the next lying bastard into power then I have only myself to blame.

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    Maybe we should have a “None of the above” box on each ballot. If that box wins we should have a new election until the political parties get it right.


    Not a bad idea Russ. Make ’em keep doing it over and over until they get it right!

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