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When Good Friends Say Goodbye

Posted May 27, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

There are important people in our lives that we probably take for granted at least as much as we often do close friends and family members. But it doesn’t seem to matter that much because we might only see them once or twice a year.

And we don’t really know these people all that well anyway. We may not even send them a Christmas card once a year.

In fact, we only call them when we need something from them. But when they’re no longer at our beck and call – we can still be left with an empty feeling.

I’m talking about people we rely upon such as our doctors and dentists. When I stop to think about Dr. McTurk or Dr. Dean – I realize what a crucial part they have played in my life and the lives of my family.

Even My Shirley’s favourite hairdresser Frank has a significant role to play with his uncanny ability to transform My Shirley from an ordinary every day beauty into a balanced mix of demure Princess and alluring sexpot for our special nights out.

I wouldn’t normally include lawyers in this group, but George Gibson has always been a good friend to our family in times of need. (Contrary to popular belief – there are some good lawyers out there.)

Of course these people charge for their services rendered. But cynically speaking don’t even our closest friends come at some cost?

We recently learned that our veterinarian Dr. Glen McLean has just retired (not unlike Frank Sinatra – for the second time) and while we wish him all the best in his retirement we are saddened by the news for our own selfish reasons.

Dr. Glen has been without a doubt the best veterinarian that has ever cared for our pets. I don’t remember when I first met Dr. Glen, not that it’s important. My parent’s inherited him when Dr. Glen took over Dr. Woodstock’s Baywood Animal Hospital and I continued to take my pets to Dr. Glen after that.

It is no mere coincidence that my Aunt and Cousin independently sought out Dr. Glen’s services, as did my future wife. Any real animal lover wants nothing but the best for their furry friends.

And I’m not going to tell you all the stories about how Dr. Glen took my Aunt’s dog home with him when she had been poisoned. (My Aunt’s dog – not my aunt had been poisoned.)

Dr. Glen left the lights on in his bedroom because as he said, “I can’t sleep with the lights on.” This prompted Dr. Glen to get up several times during the night to check on the dog.

And it’s not important for you to know that Dr. Glen, after a night out in Toronto, arrived at my wife’s house to care for her Parvo-stricken dogs, nursing them back to health on the kitchen floor until after the sun came up.

Anyone and everyone who had their pets cared for by Dr. Glen will all have their own stories to tell of his remarkable care, love and dedication that he demonstrated unconditionally to each and every animal that was brought to him for care.

Thanks Dr.Glen – the love you bestowed on each and every one of our pets was equally felt by us.

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