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Which President Will YOU Remember?

Posted July 6, 2009 by jim young in Politics

– anon

Today I watched the final round of the A.A.T. tournament in golf.

Tiger Woods is the host as when he and his dad (now deceased) were starting out they always wanted a tournament that allowed service personnel and kids in free.

One service guy, a private first class, was kinda the guest of honour.

I wondered if he`d always remember the president who sent him to war. You know how we take great fun in repeating over and over where and what we were doing when J.F.K. was shot .

AHHH, the Kennedy’s, what a noble group!

Maybe, just maybe, not as “noble” as George W. Bush ( at least in this young man’s eyes).

Goddamn the Yanks just LOOOVEE!! those fucking Kennedys.

Personally I don`t know which one I love the most.

There is Daddy (Joe) Kennedy who made all his money breaking the law and selling bootleg booze.

Or Teddy, who, when in doubt, whack the young girl you’re banging just to stay out of shit (Mary Jo Kopechne).

Or that other cousin (his name escapes me)* who, when 15 beat Martha Moxley (15) to death with a golf club and got away with it, for what?, thirty years?

And by the way John and Bobby, I haven`t forgotten how you cocksuckers whacked Marilyn Monroe.

Anyway, I’m off track. You see, the young service man at the golf tournament has WWWAAAYYY!!! more reason to remember George W. Bush.

And he`s got oodles of time to think (he looked about 21).

I think he has the best reason of all to remember one of our all-time best politicians, presidents, world leader.

Every time he looks for his legs or his right arm he`ll probably be proud and thank George W. for sending him to a war that was one of the most useless exercises in futility of all fucking time!!!

*editor’s note: Michael Skakel was the name of the “Kennedy Cousin” finally convicted of the murder of Martha Moxley.


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