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Who Hype

Posted May 1, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

Is it just me or does anyone else think this latest Swine Flu crap is just a lot of media and Who hype?
I may sound like Less Nessman with another conspiracy theory here but just maybe the medical industry has more to gain in all this nonsense with the increased sales of vaccines, respiratory masks and other medical paraphernalia.

Or maybe it’s just a diversion to get people to forget about the economy in the same way the anthrax scare a few years ago was used to take the focus away from the Iraq Attack.
Organizations such as WHO need the publicity from time to time to justify their existence. They have nothing to lose. If no pandemic comes to fruition they will just pat themselves on the back and say “what a good job we did”. And in the unlikely event the Swine Flu really does turn into a world-wide epidemic they can smugly remind us “Well, we warned you!”
And of course all this is just a good “man-bites-dog” day for the media who seem to have become little more than ambulance-chasers these days.
But the number of confirmed deaths (that seems to fluctuate daily) from the swine flu?

Come on! The regular flu kills more than that every year.

Mexico City – where the Swine Flu has originated – has a population of nearly 70% of the entire population of Canada. Not Mexico the country – we’re talking just Mexico City here. Of course it’s going to spread a little faster there.

Just to put that into some kind of perspective imagine every man, woman and child in Canada living on Prince Edward Island. Now double that number and you have an idea of the density of Mexico City.

As I write this there have been 83 confirmed deaths from the Swine Flu in Mexico City.

So what about the other 21,999,917 people?

Does .000004% really sound like an epidemic to you? Especially in an overcrowded third world country with a poor health care system and poor access to hygienic resources?

If 83 deaths in Mexico City constitutes an epidemic then my god – their crime rate must be classified as the most disastrous anarchy the world has ever witnessed.

And once WHO starts the ball rolling there’s a chain reaction that extends right down to our local hospitals who HAVE to go on full alert if only because of the legal liabilities and implications if they don’t and just one person contracts the Swine Flu in their facilities.

As more and more people take protection (more from lawyers and law suits than any real threat of epidemic) a false credibility is awarded WHO as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and the vicious circle is complete.
The media, the internet (particularly via urban legend emails) and self-serving so-called public awareness groups such as WHO are turning us into a society of paranoid wimps.

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