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Who Said Global Warming Was A Bad Thing?

Posted June 24, 2008 by jim young in Science

– jim young

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the horrors of Global Warming and the impending doom that will result.

But has anyone considered that maybe Global Warming is not such a bad thing?

What if Global Warming was all part of a Master Plan? Not man’s plan but the Master Plan of a god or higher being?

Man has done his share of driving many plants and animals to extinction. Has anyone ever considered that too might have all been part of the Master Plan?

Blame man for the follies he has been responsible for if you will – but you can’t blame man for the extinction of the dinosaur and all the other prehistoric plants, animals, birds and fish that no longer roam the earth, swim the seas and soar in the skies overhead.

Scientists would now have us believe that a giant meteor that crashed to earth thousands of years ago caused the Ice Age.

If you believe in a god or superior being that had a Master Plan that included the Ice Age, you have to also accept that man and his actions are also part of this same Master Plan.

Man then, is just a pawn in the overall scheme of things.

Perhaps we are of no more importance to the god or superior being than was the meteor that crashed to earth to start the Ice Age. In fact, man’s very purpose here on earth may be to actually create the Global Warming that we are now intent on trying to stop.

Relax. Take it easy. Que sera, sera.

Let whoever is in charge of the Master Plan work his mysterious ways and we can continue to do his bidding as we are destined to do.

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