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Whose Watching The Watchdogs?

Posted April 20, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

“Sign, sign everywhere a sign,
…do this, don’t do that,
Can’t you read the sign?”
             – Five Man Electrical Band

It seems to me that we have too many watchdogs protecting us from ourselves these days. If we know the risks and are prepared to accept them – why aren’t we, as adults, free to take those risks?

I know there are risks involved in sky-diving but if I want to accept those risks I have the freedom to jump out of an airplane with a parachute. No one’s gonna stop me.

But I can’t drive through town where the speed limit doesn’t even exceed 50 kph without my seat belt on. Why not?

I can appreciate that I don’t have the right to drive through town at 100 kph where the speed limits are 50 kph. That’s different. Someone else’s safety is at risk. But my wearing a seatbelt won’t protect anyone but me.

Who are all these watchdogs telling me what’s bad for me?

I know cigarettes are bad for me but if I want to smoke them – I can.
I know alcohol in excess is bad for me but if I want to drink in excess – I can. (As long as I’m not driving 90 kph through town with no seatbelt on.)

I know marijuana is bad for me but it’s illegal for me to smoke it whether I want to accept those risks or not. What’s the difference?

Who are these watchdogs that are making the rules?

Everyday someone is telling me that something new is going to kill me.

I once read an article that said too much sex could cause cancer in women. I read another article that said not enough sex could cause cancer in men. I said to my wife, “Guess what honey – one of us is going to die and it ain’t gonna be me!”

The latest cancer causing agent seems to be BPAs which are found in plastic bottles, canned goods and just about everything else we use today. I don’t think there have really been any tests that definitively PROVE that. But somebody injected some mice with BPAs and when the mice died the panic alarms went off. I would be willing to bet that if you inject mice with just about anything – there’s a good chance they will die.

I used to believe that these researchers were doing us a favour by standing up to large corporations and challenging their cancer causing products. But now I am beginning to question the researchers’ motives.

On the surface it might seem that the corporations are the only ones with an ulterior motive when denying claims that their products are harmful as they stand to lose money when their products are banned.

But don’t the researchers also have a financial interest at stake? After all, if the researchers couldn’t find things wrong with whatever they are researching – eventually no one would pay them to do research.

Doesn’t it stand to reason then, that the researchers that can come up with the latest, scariest and deadliest finds that make the headlines will be awarded the biggest grants?

Cancer research is a good example. Conspiracy theorists suggest that scientists have a cure for cancer but won’t release it as cancer research is big business and there is far too much money at stake to find a cure for cancer.

I think one of 2 things is true about cancer.

1) The conspiracy theorists are right and scientists will never release their cure for cancer.
2) The scientists simply can’t cure cancer and they should admit it and give up.

It’s time to “shit or get off the pot.”

Just look at all the time and the billions of dollars that have been spent on cancer research. It should be an embarrassment to these researchers to admit they’ve come up empty handed.

And we – the public – should be embarrassed that we continue to accept their failure. Where are the results for all that time and money spent?

Enough is enough. If there really is no cure for cancer, quit wasting all that time and money that could be put to better use.

“Put up or shut up!”

And in adding insult to injury, what right do these watchdogs, who have been unsuccessful in finding a cure for cancer, have to deny me the right to try an alternative cure if I so choose?
I think it’s time to put some of these watchdogs back in their kennels.

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