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Why Is Discrimination Still Legal?

Posted April 30, 2008 by jim young in Business

– jim young

I’d like to know why Insurance Companies can blatantly practice discrimination and no one even complains about it, much less bring about a class action law suit against them.

Car insurance for an 18 year old boy is double what the same coverage is for an 18 year old girl.

Life insurance is more costly for me than it is for my wife. And that was even BEFORE my stroke.

Why is that?

Of course we all know why that is. 18 year old boys are higher risks behind the wheel than are 18 year old girls.

Traditionally men die younger than women.

I am not disputing those statistics.

I can understand why I might be in a higher price bracket for life insurance if I was a sky diver. That’s a risk factor that I choose to put myself into.

But I can’t choose my sex. Well – I guess I can – but I shouldn’t have to.

No other business can discriminate against sex in this manner even when they too have statistics to justify it.

Statistics prove that more women take pregnancy leave than do men.

And there are costs to the employer associated with pregnancy leave. The employer must find a temporary replacement for the woman taking a pregnancy leave, train the temporary employee for the job and hold the job open for a year for the woman to come back to.

In many cases there is a retraining process for the woman coming back to the job as she familiarizes herself with new processes that have changed while she was away.

Productivity is lower as she brings herself “back up to speed”.

That is of course if the woman decides to come back at all. If she doesn’t, the employer may now find himself in a position where, after a year, he now has to post the vacancy to offer it to other employees within the same firm.

The temporary replacement, regardless of their skills and proven proficiencies may have to be let go, to make way for an employee with more seniority. Now there are two more training processes and all the associated costs that go with them.

You don’t have to believe me. Statistics prove that.

But does the employer have the right to pay a woman less than he would pay a man for the same position to recoup some of those costs?

Does the employer have the right to choose a man over a woman for the job?

Of course not. That would be discrimination.

And all the statistics in the world aren’t going to make that fly.

But can someone please explain to me the difference?

– 30 –


    mary g

    How about Age Discrimination?

    For many years I paid for Accident Insurance and Hospital Money Insurance (which supplied a miminal amount each day of hospital confinement).

    The day I turned 85 years both policies were terminated.

    Now at the time in my life when I might need them most I don’t have the protection.

    How fair is that!!


    Thanks for your comments Mary. And of course you are absolutely right. This is just another example of how insurance companies seem to operate above the law.

    Discrimination is discrimination whether it involves age, colour, sex, religion or race. Putting a disclaimer in fine print in a policy doesn’t make it right.

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