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Will The Swine Flu Lead To The Extinction Of Mankind?

Posted November 1, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

I predict the H1N1 Virus or Swine Flu will be the cause of the extinction of mankind.

Hundreds of years from now when civilizations from far and away come to visit an earth inhabited only by vegetation and wildlife and devoid of intelligent life forms, their archaeologists will try to discover the root cause of man’s extinction.

This will eventually and inevitably lead them back to a point in time in 2009 when the Swine Flu was reported to run rampant around the world.

They will scratch their heads in wonderment that, in light of false predictions in recent years of the alleged dangers of the Hantavirus (Deer Mouse Disease), SARS or the West Nile disease, the public did not react with a “cry wolf” attitude.

Their reports will show that there were other infectious diseases such as the Seasonal Flu, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Measles, Aids and even Diarrhoea at the time that were killing far more people each year.

And that doesn’t even take into account the most readily curable world-wide disease of starvation or the most ludicrous of plagues of man’s own doing – war!

And they will be bewildered, these alien archaeologists of the future, when they learn that, during the 1976 epidemic of the Swine Flu – more people died from the vaccination, than died from the Swine Flu itself.

How will they be able to make sense of it all? Perhaps they will stumble upon the truth that a major component to the Swine Flu scare of 2009 was the media hype.

For what else is there to report on a slow news day? The public feeds on hysteria.

It will not be the Swine Flu that directly leads to the extinction of mankind of course. But rather, this is the beginning of an isolation of society that will weaken mankind’s resistance to future viruses.

Hallowe’en this year had all the elements for a perfect night of trick or treating. It fell on a Saturday with no rain or snow and an almost full moon in the sky that was from time to time obliterated by passing clouds lending to create a perfect “spooky night” atmosphere.

There was only one thing missing. The young witches and goblins that travel door to door in search of candy were noticeably lacking, no doubt due to an even bigger fear than “ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night.” – Old Scottish Saying

The fear of the evil Swine Flu has kept the children home.

And in Calgary, Dr. Tom Feasby is encouraging the world to replace the handshake with the “pound”, a fist bumping, light knuckle gesture as a method to decrease the risk of contacting and spreading the Swine Flu.

The benign handshake, originally a token of peace when an adversary would lay down his weapon to extend his hand in a gesture of peace, has somehow become a symbol of fear.

Perhaps we should don hand condoms in the form of surgical gloves.

And what is to follow? Complete and total isolation from our fellow human beings?

Should we set up Swine Flu colonies like we once did for lepers?

And who will be banished to these colonies? The sick or the healthy?

Will this not inevitably lead to a weakening of our immune system until even the slightest cold virus becomes a death threat? Ask not “for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” – John Donne

Yes, people will inevitably die from the Swine Flu.

Yes, it is a tragedy.

Yes, we should try to find ways to reduce the spread of the Swine Flu as we must find ways to reduce all infectious diseases (as well as hunger and wars).

But let’s not get carried away here. Let’s ensure the cure is not worse than the disease in both the short and long term.

The biggest disease here is the mass hysteria that the media is spreading.

And just what are we doing to control that?

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    Well said my laddie. I, for one will not be considering the vaccine for myself for one instant, even if it were tried and true which it is not.

    Being the first of a four generation family I have lived during numerous wars, depressions, recessions, various types of flu, childhood diseases, polio and been ill with many.

    You tell me why I am still here, fairly active and healthy and of sane mind, although there may be some doubt with family members on that.

    I am no doubt one of the more fortunate to still run my own home, spend summers at our cottage and enjoy life to the fullest. No, I am not a millionaire or even a multi-“thousandaire”.

    My cure for everything is common sense (is that still alive in the world?) and positive thinking.

    Try them, they have worked and still work for me.

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