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Your Kid Or Me – What’s It Gonna Be?

Posted January 31, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

Dateline: January 30, 2009

So – this lady in Nova Scotia kills her only child because her boyfriend gives her the old  “it’s-either-your-12-year-old-daughter-or-me” ultimatum.

I don’t even want to think about the thought process that might be behind making a decision like that.

But she (the mother) strangles her 12-year-old daughter with a piece of twine.

Her daughter’s last words were “Mommy don’t.”

How horrific was that?

It was a rhetorical question so don’t even fucking try to dispute it.

But that’s not even why I’m outraged.

Well it is. But I’m also outraged about something else.

The mother was, and I quote from a story written by Melanie Patten that was published on the Internet by The Canadian Press, “immediately sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 20 years. She can apply for parole after 15 years under the so-called faint-hope clause.”

Did I miss something here? If she is sentenced to “life in prison without the possibility of parole for 20 years” what kind of fucked up contradictory laws do we have that make it possible for her to “apply for parole after 15 years”?

Aren’t YOU outraged TOO?

Good job Mom. Do you think the boyfriend’s gonna wait around for you even if it’s only 15 years?

Here’s a thought – why didn’t you just turn your daughter over to her dad – or her grandparents or even the fucking dog pound!? Guess you just didn’t think there were options – or consequences.

Then both you and your worthless scumbag of a boyfriend could have lived “happily” ever after.

– 30 –


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